Jane Birkin Net Worth

Jane Birkin Net Worth

Wealth Statistics

How wealthy is Jane Birkin? What is her salary? Find out below:

Jane Birkin Wealth Statistics
Net Worth$20 Million
Date of BirthDecember 14, 1946 (age 76 years)
Height5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
ProfessionActor, Film director, Screenwriter, Singer, Songwriter

Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, and Financial Data

Jane Birkin is an English actress and singer who has a net worth of $20 million. She began appearing in films during the 1960s. She landed the lead role in the 1969 French movie “Slogan” with actor Serge Gainsbourg. The two would also release a song together from the movie, and would go on to put together several future duets.

Jane Birkin's Career

Birkin was interested in acting from a young age but didn’t start landing roles until her later teenage years. One of her first roles was an uncredited part in “The Knack…and How to Get It” in 1965. The next year, she played slightly larger roles in the counterculture films “Blowup” and “Kaleidoscope.” In 1968, she landed a role as a model in the film “Wonderwall” and then played in the erotic French thriller, “La Piscine,” in 1969. The same year, she managed to land the lead role in the French film, “Slogan,” despite not speaking French. In the film, she co-starred alongside Serge Gainsbourg which would lead to a lifetime of collaborations between the two.

Personal Life

When Birkin was 17, she met composer John Barry. The two married in 1965 when Birkin was 19 and had a daughter, Kate, together in 1967. The couple then divorced in 1968 and Birkin returned to live with her family in London, allowing her to work more seriously on her acting career.

Quotes by Jane Birkin

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David Attenborough... has that wonderful, breathy voice, and he's always so fascinated by what he's seeing. There's nothing about him that I can't find attractive.

Jane Birkin Net WorthJane Birkin

I don't know why people keep banging on about the '60s. I came from a conventional family and I didn't go off with different people - I rather wish I had now, seeing all the fun everyone else was having.

Jane Birkin Net WorthJane Birkin

Nothing has ever touched on what fun childhood was. Summer holidays were bliss. We made home movies, with real stories in them. My father had such charm and charisma, and made everything so funny.

Jane Birkin Net WorthJane Birkin

Jacques Doillon wanted me to be in his film, 'La Fille Prodigue,' and there I was, expecting, for some reason, this great bearded man, when a splendid looking red-Indian style man appeared at my door. I said no to his film because I knew that if I said yes, I would run off with him.

Jane Birkin Net WorthJane Birkin

I think I did a lot of humorous films when I was young, and they were No. 1 films.

Jane Birkin Net WorthJane Birkin

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